Dr Vipin V Roldant

Dr Vipin V Roldant Chief Consultant Psychologist


Dr Vipin V Roldant
Chief Consultant Psychologist

Dr.Psy.VipinRoldant is a Rank holder in Psychology and a proven achiever and a contributor in the fields from Psychology to personal coaching and to training with multi-faced talents like column writing, acting etc. Through Practice and experience Dr.Psy.VipinRoldant is well known as Peak Performance Coach and Behavioral Training Specialist in seven major specialties of Psychology such as Education, Family, Corporate,Politics,Tourism, Sports and Media.

We envision to empower Individuals and communities at large with knowledge of mind-body relationships and to train them to improve quality of life.

Our Mission is to excel in service we provide for individuals as well as corporate.

We value the potential of every human being to change and to continue learning throughout their lifespan, in formal and informal settings, and especially in the environment of counseling and psychological services.

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