Dr K S Ajal Kumar

Senior Medical Consultant

Dr. K. S. Ajal Kumar is an Ayurveda in SPGHC . Former lecturer at SJS Ayurveda College , Chennai.

Ayurveda, Alternative Medicine
22 years experience overall.

All kinds of chronic symptoms like paralysis, spondylitis, back ache, asthma, mental diseases, migraine, diabetes, eye and skin diseases like psoriasis and gynaecological problems are given treatment. Diseases that normally require surgery like uterine fibroid, cyst, kidney stones, piles, sinusitis are treated with massage therapy and herbs. Panchakarama, the five purifactory therapies to detoxify body and remove waste products (viciated dosas), has got both preventive and curative aspect. Preventive means it does not give room to diseases and curative means cure from the root cause.

Union of body, mind and soul – Yoga

Controlling the modification of mind to achieve elusive state of peace.
Transcend daily routine by discovering spiritual physical and mental benefits of Yoga. It promotes health, prevents diseases and improves the memory power by gaining control over emotions.


Is the most powerful treatment for different kinds of eye diseases and bestows vision clarity.


Continuous pouring of medicated oil/ butter milk on forehead.
It acts as an excellent nervine tonic and treats all kinds of skeleto musculo disorders, mental diseases, insomnia etc., and gives utmost relaxation to mind


Different kinds of massages for complete rejuvanation of mind and body.
It helps for proper blood circulation, relives fatigue, joint pain, various muscular disorders, obesity, neurological problems and tones up skin and muscles to enhance beauty.


Gentle soft massage for complete relief from stress and strian.i
It also helps in maintaing good health.

Avoid Surgery for Fibroids & Cysts

Nowadays a common problem seen in women is uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. We are giving treatment for uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts without surgery.


We are getting very good results in various types of cancer patients.

The main advantage of Ayurvedic treatment is its freedom from side effects. People maintain a healthy life by remaining close to nature. Providing pure Vegetarian Satwik food for the speedy recovery of the patients.