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Get well soon with passionate, personalized, and professional healthcare services at home. We pair with experienced doctors, leading hospitals, and diagnostic centers to upgrade the health of the needy people in the society.


Welcome to SPGHC

We are a group of young and energetic people passionate about the quality of life of elderly people in society. We are socially committed to ensuring their well-being and abundance of happiness during their old age. We thoroughly understand the difficulties of regular hospital visits and the associated waiting time. We come up with the best team of proficient, veteran doctors and health professionals to take care of your health at the comfort of your home. The personalized way of approach paves the way for a quick, comfortable, and convenient recovery.

We are transforming the traditional standards of healthcare services from hospitals to the comfort of your home. We stick on to confidentiality and no health data is shared unnecessarily with anyone. All the medical data is safe and secure. Our exceptional health care services include Palliative Care, Hospice and hospice care, Geriatric care management, Doctor at home, Nursing care at home (Cleaning and dressing wounds, Enema -constipation, Drip/injection, Urinary tube, Home tube feeding, etc.), Pain management at home ( Acute pain management, Cancer Pain Management, Chronic Pain management, Long Term Care, and End of life care.

We have a team of experienced doctors and highly trained healthcare professionals providing the best quality medical care to people and those confined to home. Our visiting doctor services send a specialist doctor to care for you and monitor the recovery at the comfort of your home and your convenient time. Waiting at clinics is no more a hassle!

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We Care About You

Holistic Approach

We stick on to a holistic approach to the healthcare of the terminally ill and elderly people aided by professional doctors along with all the medical aids. Holistic approach refers to overall wellness,  both physical and mental, a state of being happy rather than just curing a disease.

Supporting Independent Living

We are dedicated to providing the best medical care at home for the needy & elderly people in society. We help older people to live their life to the fullest, leading independent and dignified lives in the comfort of their own homes. We help them maintain the best possible level of independent living in the later years of their lives.

Affordable Services

We ensure complete physical, mental, and social well being of the elderly by providing specialized and comprehensive medical care at affordable rates. We are strongly committed to making significant differences in your lives and to upgrade ourselves as the most promising health provider at home.

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